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NorTex Metal Finishing participated in an on-site assessment provided by TMAC through an EPA Region 6 Pollution Prevention grant by delivering an Economy – Energy – Environment (E3) Assessment.  The Garland, TX metal finishing facility was evaluated for lean, energy and environmental improvement opportunities and associated cost savings. 

TMAC identified heat loss from NorTex’s uninsulated etch tanks and suggested insulating the tanks with “UFO-style” floats while also installing a temperature thermocouple monitoring system to capture the actual energy consumption before and after the insulating spheres were installed. Real time data was collected wirelessly and viewed remotely by TMAC’s Smart Manufacturing team for several weeks. The collected data gave NorTex the actual measurements, supporting the success of implementing the P2 solution. 

In addition to the electrical savings from reducing heat loss, the floats also reduced employee exposure to fumes, chemical evaporation, drag out and exhaust system maintenance.  This effort identified 85,000 kWh reductions, over $6,000 in electricity cost savings, 31% increase in available etch tank capacity as a result of consistent tank temperature, and a $3,500 sales tax refund from their manufacturing electricity usage. 

In recognition of TMAC’s work, NorTex Metal owner Shelby Wolters stated, “It was really great working with TMAC to bring another set of well-trained eyes into our facility. Their ability to provide onsite data collection helped us validate our actions to generate real savings for NorTex. We are looking forward to our continued partnership with TMAC and our efforts to make positive changes to advance our ability to meet the needs of our customers.”   

City of Garland Mayor Scott LeMay joined TMAC at NorTex Metal Finishing to present the award.  

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